Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, Cocoa! Happy Birthday Penny!

I may go back into the background a bit to lighten it up, but dang Cocoa was fun to paint!  She is an Italian Greyhound and today is her owner's birthday!  Those EYES!  That sweet little grin, that jauntily flipped ear with the slightest hint of pink~  SO much FUN!!!

Thank you!

Oh and I have to print something of an apologie to Lisa H, because I HAD Lewis slotted for July 27th and forgot because he was in my "Possibilities" folder!  I was just having so much fun yesterday that I HAD to paint another dog and I loved Lewis' picture!  Or is it Louis?  Anyway, I do that occasionally, so my hint to you is that if you did submit a dog, it may just be painted as a surprise!

Stay tuned!

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mayasista said...

I've enjoyed looking at all of your dog paintings this month. Your work is fabulous! Hard as it may be to believe, it continues to get better and better! We are still enjoying the portrait you did of our dog "Maya".