Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, Bud and Daisy!

Sorry this is such a late post but I didn't have internet today, and spent the morning dealing with lots of soggy tent/velvet/cards/carpet/basement too~  man.  Bit of a pain, honestly, and all day I kept feeling a bit anxious over the sky and the breezy bits as my table flew over at one point and my whole panel wall flew over as well, and left me anxious and grateful to the other people who scampered immediately over and righted it all for me~
Thank you!
SO I was asked to paint Daisy, but I couldn't resist Bud, so we have a two-fer....
 Daisy was a stray collie mix from the streets of Philadelphia, PA, adopted as an adult from a rescue group in October 1996.  Sweet, smart, and versatile, Daisy is our go-with-the-flow girl!  She enjoys traveling, pillows, rabbit turds, zinnias, the beach, butternut squash and her soft squishy squeaky soccer ball.  She is my heart dog, my once-in-a-lifetime best friend. 

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Pit bull mix Bud, formerly abandoned, was adopted as an adult from the local SPCA in July 1999.  We met Bud at a shelter out reach event and adopted him a few days afterwards, even though we had no intention of adopting a third dog at the time.  Our sweet and serious senior is a real charmer--athletic yet gentle--he's my 50lb lapdog, my cuddle-bug on the sofa, my constant companion.  Bud is a great dog!  So glad we found
him <3 nbsp="" span="">

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Dianne said...

Aww, very nice! Lovely job on my pups, thank you!