Monday, June 10, 2013

MOnday, June 10th~

Okay, trying to wear out an active 4 year old can wear you out...  so here is tonight's attempt-
Duane says I am getting better, but I still can't wait to get back to the DOGS!!!!  Keep sending the word out to your friends!
And things may be a bit odd for the next couple weeks...
You can check my other blog for more info!

Actually, in the reference photo, Max is sitting on Duane's shoulders...  there is a bit of glee, I hope, though I do think his eye on the left as you look at him is a bit low...
What do you think?

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Sharon Parker said...

I like it! Nice play of light and shadow on his face, and I really enjoy how you captured his enthusiasm. I agree that the eye on the left is a bit off, but I don't think it's that it's too low, more like either a tiny bit too large or the outer corner needs to taper off just a bit. Whatever it is, it's a very minor thing. Fun to see these paintings of Max!