Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30th! 30 Dogs Official List!

Hi all!
Here's a couple dogs to entice you for the next month-  both are from photos I took while in England-  we just got back Friday night and have been jetlagging a bit here...
SO the Official List is below, and I wanted to be sure and include the disclaimer that, being human, I may make adjustments and changes to this list, just so's you know!  But it does feel pretty solid to me-  a lot of dogs and I am excited to paint!  It was tricky making those final decisions about who to include, and I may jump back into the list if a painting goes well and I want to paint an extra on a day, so you never really know who is IN!
July 1- Ziggy ~ Gayla E
July 2- Augie~ Jennie B
July 3- Sammy Davis Jr~  Joyce M
July 4- Becca~ John D
July 5- Bandit~  Mark B
July 6- Smokey & Mikka~ Liz M
July 7- Jackson~ Terry B
July 8- Honey-Buns~ Libby H
July 9- Happy~ Abbie K
July 10- Jane~ Nora V
July 11- Bug the Pug~ Susan B
July 12- Stan the Man~ Diane B
July 13- Daisy & Bud~ Diane H
July 14- Abby~ Rob B
July 15- Cocoa~ Penny P
July 16- Lily~ Annette B
July 17- Skywalker~ Amy B
July 18- Spud- Jen K
July 19- Trinket~ Jessica S
July 20- Jax~ Douglas S
July 21- Ryder x2~ Jon E
July 22- Gus~ Jenn S
July 23- Burkely (Mr Burkles)~ Melanie T
July 24- Moonie~ Byron R
July 25- K-9~ Tom C (sorry-  it IS a Thursday...)
July 26- Boomer~ Evan J
July 27- Lewis~ Lisa H
July 28- Luna~ Darcy Shoop
July 29- Louie~  Jeff Specht
July 30- Allie~ Lynda Fairchild

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