Saturday, April 6, 2013

DEVIANT DOGS NOW at the Northrup King Building til 9pm tonight!

Sheesh I am terrible!  I forgot to post this earlier this week...
I have these 5 paintings at the "Deviant Dogs" Art Show and Sale on NOW at the Northrup KIng Building, 3rd floor, with all sorts of goodies and actual DOGS there from "A Rotta Love Plus" which is what this art sale is FOR!
SO if you can't get there in time, but are interested in purchasing one of these paintings if they don't sell tonight, let me know and I'll get it to you and get the money to Rotta Love!
"Yes I am Cute!" 10x10 $135

"Feed Me"  10x10 $135

"Yes, Yes Throw It!"  12x12 $185

"Tough Cookie" 12x12 $185

"Whitie"  6x6 $75

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