Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3rd, Wednesday!

Shoot!  I just realized I haven't taken ANY PHOTOS AT ALL of the paintings I dropped off at the Northrop King Building for the Deviant Dogs Art Show tomorrow night!  ACK!  Holy CATs, dog-man!  How could I DO that?!?
I wanted to post a couple to titillate your doggie desires... dang!  Because they are GREAT!  And there are only 5 of them!  Ranging from 6x6 ($75) to 12x12 ($185), they are brand new and super awesome and I don't know when I can get back over there to take pictures!  Well, the sale starts tomorrow during FIrst Thursday, and will continue to Sat night, 3 to 9pm, with profits going to Rotta Love Plus, a rescue group for dogs that people are often a bit hesitant about, like pitbulls and rotties...

SO I will just have to give you a sheep instead!

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