Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, Tuesday!

Okey Dokey, back to a "normal" schedule!  Whew~  this week I am getting the cats all ready to hang and I'm working on the Cat Book and labels and all!  Plus I am getting the photos I took in Ireland a bit more organized....  wow!  I took a LOT of photos....
Here are a couple paintings I did in Ireland~
 This is the first night in Dublin, at the Ballsbridge Hotel, where I painted our wine glasses, holding our complimentary wine... boy, were we SPOILED!
And this is a resident of Hugh's Pub in Spiddal, Galway, where I spent a LOT of time in 1987 when I lived in Ireland for a semester!  Spiddal has changed since I was there-  it was a rather poor area, one of the last where Gaelic was spoken, and now it is a humming suburb of Galway with new houses and construction.  And EVERYONE learns Gaelic and speaks it now!  Irish Pride!

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