Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday, March 27th, SAMMY!

And here is Sammy, Oscar's sibling!  I am including their story again here, in case you missed it the other day!
Hmm... he looks a lot fluffier now...

Oscar and Sammy have been an inseparable odd couple since the day I first adopted them at the Humane Society of Central Oregon.  Sammy, the boisterous and lovable trouble maker. Oscar, the reserved, proper and ever-patient yang to Sammy’s yin.
 After seven years, four moves and about twenty pounds, they are as lovable now as they were on that first day.  Sammy will typically announce his hunger early in the morning by pouncing on the bed and meowing until someone moves to feed him.  At the food dish, I’ll find Oscar patiently waiting to greet me, and present himself for a good morning pet. 
 Sammy, or King Sampson as I sometimes call him, demands to be treated like royalty.  Oscar can be a bit down to earth and is completely content with a good belly rub and a paper grocery bag. 
I don’t know what I’d do without these two furballs. They are each as lovable as they are different. They bring me endless joy and entertainment and in their own unique way, show me nothing but love and appreciation."

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