Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, PANDORA!

Aha!  And here is Pandora!  I love these mysterious, fluffy cats, with their sneaky kind of veiled glances and poofty lofty downy fur....
Plus I love Diane's stories about her cats!!!

 "Pandora came running down our driveway one day when we were out on the front porch, meowing for us to pick her up.  She was a little tiny starved kitten, jumping with fleas.  So we took her in and having no experience with integrating one cat with another, we just put her in with Mr. Buster (see March 13).  Well, Mr. Buster is 25 pounds plus and when poor little Pandora clapped eyes on the monster cat, she promptly peed her pants : - )  But all was well because Mr. Buster loves other cats.  So Pandora took over the house and now she rules the roost.  She didn't like the name Pandora, so my husband started calling her PD, which stands for "Pandora's Destruction" because she was a real handful as a kitten.  Now she is a proper prima donna and it's always her way or the highway.  Pandora has the MOST beautiful eyes you will ever see! "

And I thought I would include a few photos of my painting set-up this morning in Abbeyfeale, Ireland, at the Park Lodge B&B where we stayed...  I use my stay-wet pallette and I've kept it flat under the passengers seat in the rental car, and I carried whole tubes of my colors along... not sure how to find smaller tubes, and I may figure out a way to carry less of my glaze along...  but this works quite well!

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Diane Irvine Armitage said...

All day long I have been clicking over to your blog looking for Pandora's face and I'm not disappointed! Your portrait is just lovely of Miss Pandora. Thanks so much!