Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14, Bubba!

I gotta admit, I am loving these names of these critters, much as I love all the different lives behind them!  I also have to admit I've been sick the last few days, napping, staying home, just went to the doc today because I woke up with my eyelids glued shut, and I always remember that being fairly dire when I was a child...  no biggie, eyedrops and Amoxicillin~ 
Here is BUBBA!!!!
And what Bubba's owner has to add about him...

Bubba used to be a street cat. A nice lady in south Minneapolis fed him in her garage at night.  His name was Garage or Chops by the neighbors that knew him and loved him.  I adopted him a year ago, renamed him Bubba cause he is such a big boy.

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