Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8, Kaki!

And here is Kaki!

Kaki (real name Cassius) is well traveled, having lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Seaside California before coming to live with us in St. Paul. When he was just a kitten my son and his wife found him alone and frightened in Los Angeles. His ear had been chewed and his eye was hurt from whatever happened to him before they found him. To this day his injured eye is smaller than the other eye.
 We inherited Kaki when he became a little too old to interact with our young granddaughter. After our son and family moved here with Kaki from CA, he seemed to feel right at home with the “older” folks, so he stayed at our house! Now he is a big part of our family and has established himself as my resident “studio” cat, sleeping in one of the chairs in my studio during the day snoring loudly while I work.
 One of the fun things about Kaki is that he has a lot of personal quirks. For example, he hates most collars we put on him but when he was given a collar made of coins, he proudly wore it until it broke. 

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