Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30, Hobbs, the Island Cat!

Here is Hobbs! And he is technically the 32nd cat I've painted this month! I have one more for tomorrow too! I am just terrible at staying at my limit... the first year I did this cat project, I figured I would just paint twenty, and I ended up with thirty-four. So that's how I work, people~ give me a challenge and I'll figure out how to make it harder!

I have to admit, I am really enjoying painting these eyes...
And I will be continuing to paint daily... I have a TON of photos from Ireland I need to get onto!

And here is what Hobbs' loving owner Sandee says about him~

Hobbs is a 2 year old tabby that we rescued from St Croix Virgin Islands, after he had injured his paw as a kitten and they were going to put him down. Since most island cats are outdoors they thought he would not survice without the use of his paw. I had another cat at home named Calvin (a girl) and I decided to save him as he was the perfect Hobbs, he is a beautiful, silly, clutzy cat, and I adore him, and his paw is just fine now.

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