Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28th, Helen's Birthday!

This is Helen, and I am very happy to be able to paint her here at home in my dining room studio~  I had a hard time finding good lighting to paint by while we were traveling and it was really frustrating at times...  it could be because of the black panels I love to use, because they absorb a lot of light and if they aren't lit from above it makes it difficult to see the pencil sketch.
Speaking of Painting, I will be teaching another section of lessons this spring, beginning April 17th and going to May 22 (missing May 8th!) all Wednesday nights, from 6:30 to 9pm!  I'll attach more info at the bottom of this page...
AND now, HERE is the lady of the day, Helen!
Helen is our 12-yr old Tortie, who was adopted from a co-worker's unexpected litter of seven kittens:  5 boys and 2 girls.  We rushed to the scene to pick out our kitten. My daughters ages 5 & 3 years old at the time, decided on the girl kitten because she was so shy & cuddly.  All the boys were spazzy cats & too frisky.  They named her Helen, because she was a girl and needed a girl name.  Helen is rarely seen by visitors as she is a "fraidy cat" and disappears when any new voice comes into our house.  March 28th is also her birthday!!  Happy Birthday, Helen!

And more info about Painting Lessons!


Painting What You See~  and Learning to SEE~

 At the Bottle Rocket Building in Seward,
3530 East 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
April and May, 2013
April 17, 24, May 1, 6, and 15th!
  all 5 lessons for $165!
OR All 5 for $200, materials INCLUDED!

Classes begin with demos, tips and hints followed by enforced painting time.  The first two classes focus on how to set up a still life with objects at hand, and the second two look at using photos as reference, including photos on digital media like cameras, iphones and laptops.   We will study composition, using a viewfinder, preparatory sketching, mixing color and basic color theory.  

As an artist and a pet portraitist, Kat has been painting for over twenty years, with a serious concentration on dogs and cats since 2008 when she began work on her "AutobiDOGraphy" series, a continually growing collection of paintings based on her childhood canine companions.
Kat studied painting at the College of St Benedict and St Kate’s, and has spent a week every spring in Grand Marais at the Art Colony painting with Elizabeth Erickson of the Women’s Art Institute.  In August of 2011, Kat made the treck to the Peninsula School of Arts to study with Carol Marine, a renowned Daily Painting artist and teacher, and uses some of Carol’s ideas and techniques in her classes.
Her work has been collected around the globe and she has won awards and honors in a number of exhibitions and continues to show around the Twin Cities area.  She also greatly enjoys painting commissioned work, as it provides the exterior enforcement of deadlines and a working relationship with a client that stimulates her latent control freak.

For more information, please call 612-720-6675 or email, or check my website at or my blog at

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