Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20, Princess Tabitha Fluffball

SO, I am posting from the Chicago airport, waiting for our flight to Dublin, and this is our cat for today!  I had to paint her quick this morning, and we'll see how the cats for this week go...  SO all cats for this week are under my caveat of "travel means things may change" and I give myself permission to catch up when I get back!
Call that Artistic License...
And this is Mina's childhood kitty, painted from a beautiful copy of a black and white photo-  Kitty sitting on the back of the couch...
We'll see what she thinks-  and her story is below!

We CALLED her Kitty, but her name was actually Princess Tabitha Fluffball. She had a regal bearing and was older than me by 8 years, and had much more authority than I did in the household. She lived to be 16 people years. She was in a fight at age 1 and the pupil of her eye was ripped so that she appeared to have clear eye on one side. She nearly died after the fight, and hid in the basement for a week until my dad decided it was time to have her put down. The next morning, she walked upstairs, looking for breakfast and her eye was healed. She was a longhaired tortoiseshell who originally was from a litter at the Wahl farm in Lake Elmo (family friends) and had a litter-mate named Ms. Puss. I also remember the day I discovered her eating my brother's iguana - tail first. The iguana just blinked a few times as it was consumed. Terrifying!

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