Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, Homer and Mo!

I don't often paint two cats together, because it isn't always possible to get two cats to pose nicely, but I really was drawn to this photo as soon as I saw it!  It was great fun to paint~
Here is what Karen, Homer and Mo's owner, has to say of the pair~

Our kitties' background story is not too dramatic.

We had lost our previous cat when she was hit by a car outside our home so we decided to keep our next cat indoors. I had always grown up with outdoor cats so it was hard to imagine keeping them inside but the realities of living in a city make it very clear. A friend of ours  who volunteered at a cat shelter recommended getting two male siblings so we decided to go that route. We adopted our two brother cats as kittens from Animal Ark Shelter. We were in a foster house in a little room full of romping kitties. There were two shy little gray tabby kittens sitting next to each other away from the fray in the corner. We got to know them a bit in that little room and decided on them. One of the boys was purring very loudly so Motor became his name but we just started shortening it and referred to him as Mo. His brother became Homer, not sure why. Now 13 years later they are a wonderful warmth in our home. If they are not resting on our laps, flopping to be rubbed on their tummies or sitting on my husband's shoulders when wearing his Carhartt jacket (they love to scratch it) they are either playing or nestled together sleeping. They take care of each other. They are a real sweetness in our lives.

I hope Karen doesn't mind my including the pic of the husband and carhart cat!  I thought it charming~

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Karen Spruth said...

Love this Kat! Thank you so much for this wonderful rendition! Can't tell you what fun it is to see this! Sharing the photo of John and Homer is certainly is one of our favorites.