Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2, Java (The Bean)!

I like this one!  There is more light on the left side, coming through the curtain behind her, so that eye is quite a bit lighter than the other one...
And here is what Java's owner, Janet, has to say about her-

"Java, or the Bean, is currently going through cancer treatments.  So I'm worried about her!  She had surgery and got through that, but now they wanted to do radiation up at the U.  Decided against that, but they have her on a chemo drug now.
Sigh....She's my girl, and of course is being very sweet and extra cute these days.
She is just a dolly, and right now doing very well after her surgery.  Very cute and playful, and eating like a trouper.

I've started giving her a drug that sounds like it could be nasty - stomach upset and such, and I'm supposed to handle it with gloves.  Only given two pills so far - so the upshot is we just don't know how it will all play out.  I've had 9 great years with her; every day more is a gift."
 Loving a sick pet is so hard~
We'll keep you all updated on Java!

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Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Another wonderful cat painting! My thoughts and hopes are with Java Bean and Janet during this hard time.