Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AND another great cat story!  I had allergies as a child, too and had to get rid of a kitten when I was six, and a great adult male cat I named Midnight when I was 7 (there's another whole story here about him letting me dress him in doll clothes and push him around OUTSIDE in my doll buggy!  I cried when he had to go back to the pound, and drew pictures of him in cat heaven...)~  I spent the next seven years getting allergy shots every week-

Anyway, this is Ruby, and I enjoyed getting her eyes to look reflective with the little light available, and the reflected light on her chest, pearly...

The Story of Ruby

Ruby is Harper’s cat. Harper is allergic to cats, however has never lived without at least two in the house. As a child, the asthma doctor told Harper never to be around cats, however her friend found a litter of kittens when Harper was seventeen, and she insisted the family adopt one. Harper convinced her father that Ruby must become part of the family—her mother was less persuadable. Ruby was originally named Lucy (short for Lucifer—Ruby was a very skittish kitten, and therefore quick to let loose the claws), however we changed her name to Ruby immediately upon meeting her. Ruby has been living with Harper happily for six years, with the aid of a little of allergy and asthma medicine.

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Susanna Strand said...

Beautiful. I think my favorite so far due to colors, angle of the face, lighting etc. 22 days and counting...!