Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, Feb 5th!

Man, this time of year is hard...  especially when there isn't any sunshine.  I was delighted to be let out of school early today so I could get home and be in the sun for a bit, and make the boys walk to the lake, where we found that the warming-house at Lake Hiawatha has lots of free skates to borrow!!!! Isn't that incredible?!  PLUS our neighbors were also there skating, using the free skates, so Max got to totter around on the ice with Bear and Athena~
Oh, and I am so sorry!  Here are the pics from Painting Lessons last week!  We had a tough time with those darn clementines!  This week we'll be looking at using photos to paint from as reference~
And get your cat in soon!  I am starting to fill up!

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