Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Official "30 Cats in 30 Days" March 2013 LIST!
Yes!  Here it is~  so now, all YOU have to do is wait every day til I get the cat for that day painted, and then tell me what a great job I did!  Or, tell me that one eye looks like it is infected... you know, helpful stuff like that...
And here is another cat I couldn't resist~  I do also have to say that the last cat I posted IS Molly, and she belongs to someone in CA who will be arranging for her return~  so if you know whose cat THIS is, tell me!

1- Luna - Diane A
2- Java (The Bean)- Janet S
3- Trissy and Crusher- Lisa A 
4- Duffy, The World's Most Perfect Cat 9, Val C
5- Squeaky Kitty- Brad K
6- Ruby - Caroyln B
7- Boscoe- Ari J
8- Kaki- Andrea M 
9- Mikiko -  Maggie J
10- Buzz - Annette B 
11- Kholarabi -Cristine D 
12- Grace G
13- Mr. Buster- Diane A 
14-  Bubba- Melanie J
15-Moo - Layl M
16- Bonita T 
17-  Link- Wendy L
18-Homer & Mo, Karen S
19- Mr Smithers- Gillian
20- Kitty- Mina L
21-Monty- Gillian  
22- Captain- James K 
23- Jack -James K 
24- Oscar - Tanya A
25- Morticia- Diane A 
26- Pandora- Diane A 
27- Sammy- Tanya A 
28- Helen- Susanna S 
29- Susan - Jenn S
30- Hobbs - Sandy E  
31- Kia- Joyce L

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