Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday November 11, 2011

I love PBS, and NOVA, and all those people who actually spend their lives researching such things as can animals be friends with other species (YES!)... and DO dogs know right from wrong (not really-  they know what we want them to do!)?
Man, my next career will be as Doctor Dolittle, which is really what I wanted to be from the first time I ever heard of him and read Hugh Lofting's books...  I did think I could talk to the animals for a very long time in my youth, and I do get clients remarking how well I get along with their animals, that other people usually don't click so well with them.  I love that.  Nothing like getting respect from other species~
This is Stoli- and yes, his tongue is meant to be sticking out~
Had a great weekend!  Hope you did too!~

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painted fish studio said...

hi kat! stoli looks awesome! his mom will love him. thank you so much for helping me give her a great 50th birthday present!