Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday November 17, 2012

Yup~  Saturday night and what am I doing?  What do you think I am doing?  I am PAINTING!  I am working on a series of White Dogs, as a matter of fact, and want to get a few more done and then go swap out some work at Rye and have a wee bit of a Winter Dog Opening Gathering thingie, to which you are invited whenever I get it figured out~
I also have a lovely batch of commissions to work on, which I am extremely grateful for.  To have work to do, and such delicious work, that feeds my heart and my imagination (to say nothing of my ego!) is one of the luckiest feelings I have ever known!
So here is one of my favorite dogs, painted last Tuesday-  I met this one at LOLA this August, in front of the Riverview, and he happened to be owned by a high school friend of mine that I haven't seen since high school and who happens to live just down 38th Street!  Ain't this a fun crazy ol' world!  SO we got to chat and chat and I snapped a few pics, and I am terrifically happy with the shadows and light play here~

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