Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday October 11- Trees....

It's just that time of year when I really notice trees- well, really I notice trees all year round because I'm weird that way.  There are times in the summer when I am pleasantly thinking of how delicious their shade can be, and I think of places where there aren't trees, or there used to be but they were cut down for firewood or cows, and how that changes the atmosphere and simple FEEL of a place.  Trees are pretty darn amazing...
I am having my Creative Design kids work on negative space trees, where they have drawn their trees out on black paper with pencil (shows up silver- I LOVE it!) and they are painting in the negative space of the sky.  It always gets confusing at first, and they struggle with the concept and want to just paint the tree in too, but when they are finished they really get it!
So here is one of mine, but I did put some purple-grey into the trunk for the bark.
And this Fall/Winter's Painting Lessons is full!  Sorry, it does fill up quickly!   There will be another in the early spring~

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