Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday October 7th~

Mom and Dad are doing the Great Circle Tour (which is a drive all around the Great Lakes of the midwest and Canada) and she sent us (my siblings and me) these great shots of the leaves up there.  My family is big into art, and we discovered the Group of Seven some years ago, probably through Grand Marais exposure...  here's the Wikipedia link too~ and I've always been fascinated by Tom Thompson's paintings where he leaves a little bit of the ground showing through the paint... 
SO I painted this tonight, from one of mom's photos, 
 And here is Tom Thomson's paintings...
This one is Lake in Autumn, 1916
 And this is Evening, Canoe Lake, 1915.

Can you see what I mean about the edges showing the background color?  They are so poetic and dreamy and quiet...  and painted plein air on untreated 8x10 pallet wood....
I want to do this!  Aren't they GREAT?

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