Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday October 14th, 2012

So I lucked out and was commissioned to paint two extremely happy rescued dogs...
Kirby is the Golden Lab and Gracie is the Huskie mix~  and what incredible SMILES!!!!!!

This is what Libby, their owner, says of Gracie~
Gracie came to me 6 years ago. She had been given up by her family and had bounced around to a few places, but no one wanted to keep her. My ex-husband just loved her and knew the original owner.  She was about to be brought to the pound, when he asked me to take her for just a week to see how she did with Kirby. She came in the house, jumped up on my bed and never left. She is sweet as can be, and I love her to pieces!

And I need to mention that my Painting Lessons are FULL~  sorry! There'll be more in the new year~  and if you are free this weekend, come see me and mum at the Convention Center (Mpls) for the Art Emporium part of the Home Life Expo!  I have plenty of free passes, or you can print your own too!  Or actually this link says you can get in free with something for the food shelf, so COME ON DOWN!!!
Oh and DO come to Barebones Halloween Show as well!  We're taking Max next Sunday night~  7pm Hidden Falls Park!  Duane's been working his BUTT off on this, making a gigantic Alligator skeleton (longer than our mini-van) and two huge skeletons....
E-mail me if you have questions about it!  It's GREAT!!!

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