Monday, October 1, 2012

MOnday, OCTOBER 1!

Dang!  A whole new month already!  Wow~  well, here's Ollie so far, and I got a couple more houses to tackle.
Duane thinks his right eye needs to be darker- and maybe the left side of his nose-  anything else?  I'll ask his owner too...
I also will be teaching another painting class this November into December at the Shasta Building in a new studio space Duane and I will be sharing!  I'm really excited about the chance to have a REAL studio space and to be able to argue and bicker with Duane about who left what where and who gets to clean it up!  I'm kidding-  he usually cleans everything up and organizes it beautifully-  I am a very lucky person!
SO if you are interested in Painting Lessons, send me an e-mail right away to hold your place.  It will be Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 9pm from November 14 to December 12, with December 19th as an alternate date for missed classes, for $150.
This is the link to the PDF with more info!  Let me know if it isn't working....
More houses tomorrow night~

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