Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, July 25th,

Today's dog is Hannah, and when I first saw her photo I thought she was winking! 
I was completely charmed and wanted to include 
her even more when I heard her story~
Eight years ago today, I met my sister in Memphis, Tennessee, and she had Hannah
in the car with her. They had driven north from New Orleans, where my sister
was living and where Hannah had been rescued. I had visited my sister weeks
prior, in May, and accompanied her to the animal shelter down the street
where she volunteered. Hannah had been at the rescue only 2 weeks at that
time, and was recovering from an eye removal in addition to being treated
for heartworm. I wasn't ready for another dog (my lab was 5 years old at the
time) but I couldn't say no to that sweet one-eyed face!
And I also thought I'd include a commission I finished this morning too, just to show you
 I'm not slacking off....


painted fish studio said...

i LOVE hannah's portrait! you've captured her perfectly. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hannah is adorable. A great dog and a great painting of her!--Katherine