Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday July 24, Jet!

THIS was a FUN dog to do!  My beloved Bingo is the black lab mix that taught me how to paint black dogs and DARN IT but they are so FUN!  Especially a shiny sleek son-of-a-gun like JET!
Here is what Tif has to say about Jet~
We rescued Jet in October, 2010 when he was about a year old. He has been a wonderful dog! He is a super shiny, fit, active dog, who is rather ball obsessed, and is very food motivated! He will do anything for a piece of kibble and his latest tricks involve jumping on top of his crate and then through a hula hoop! He is a big swimmer, too, and loves the monthly labrador pool party. My husband will tell everyone who meets Jet that he was the very best that Golden Gate Lab Rescue had to offer! We couldn't be happier with Jet!

Thanks so much for following!  This has been a GREAT month!


Tifin Dillon said...

Wow! I love it! You really captured Jet! Thank you so much for including him.

kat corrigan said...

Yay Tif! I am so glad! I was just going to e-mail the image to you~ I really like him too!