Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday July 10, KC and Shad

Ah, here is a pair of very noble beasts-  you can tell by their grins and the length of their noses!

And their owner, John, who went quite the distance to rescue them, has this succinct and eloquent statement about them~

"One of God's gifts: Second Chances"~

And wow, were these fun!  


PATRICK said...

Absolutely love this one Kat! :)

John said...

Wow! What a portrait!
I emailed the link to their two rescuers
in Kentucky and North Dakota,
to a fellow dog lover in Michigan,
to a rescuer in Montana
who will take care of KC & Shad when I die.
I emailed the link to eight soldiers in Afghanistan,
And to their vet in Montana,
and to their dental vet in Colorado!
And tomorrow I will USPS the link
to my college adviser who doesn't do email.
(Alas, there were no tigers,
although Shad has that "Killer-Collie Snarl"
on his face.)
Thanks for a great work of art!

kat corrigan said...

John, you are a delight to work with, and I can't imagine you owning or sharing a life with creatures any less amazing- thank you for letting me be part of it!

kat corrigan said...

Yes we love us some Lassies now & then, don't we?
Xoxo thanks!

Anonymous said...

As KC's dental vet, I can vouch for his outstanding character. I cannot imagine any of John's dogs having a "collie snarl" regardless of the circumstances! Very nice rendering of some sweet dogs.
Tony Woodward