Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday July 12, Emma the Wheaton SCOTTIE!

 This is Emma, and her beautiful story by Valerie.  Thank you Valerie!

Emma joined our family in the spring of 2002. An adorable bundle of joy, she cocked her head when you spoke to her and looked at you with inquisitive eyes. She was striking, with her coat the color of a pale Golden Retriever. Not to be confused with a Wheaten Terrier or a Westie, a Wheaten Scottie is a true Scottie, only wheaten in color. Emma may have been the runt of the litter, but she had a strong will to survive. A combination of femininity and determination, she melted our hearts. Emma bonded immediately with her half-brother, Winston – a black/brindle Scottie who, until her arrival, had ruled the house.  

She learned quickly, emulating her big brother. Although not one to particularly enjoy the great outdoors, she did not want to be left home alone. As soon as she saw the leash, she would rush to her water dish to grab a quick drink in preparation for what was ahead. Once out the door and on our way, she walked with an air of bravado, not knowing that, from behind, she looked like Charlie Chaplin in The Little Tramp. And, when she had enough, she would plant her paws firmly in the ground and refuse to budge.   

Her place in the family was as our protector, announcing all visitors during the day and guarding the bedroom at night. We were devastated when, at the age of eight, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Every day of her last six months was celebrated. Special kisses to her first mom, Sheila, who helped Emma enter this world, and to Jeanine and Leia, who helped her make such a graceful exit.

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