Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 8th Lottie!

I had a great time painting Lottie!  I think it was a combination of that noble face and the colors in her fur, though I did repaint the background a few times and am still not sure about it.... I may decide to add some yellow to it~  Below is her owner Mary's story~ 

 "Lottie (or Big Lots as she's often called) is a Leonberger (combination of St. Bernard, Newfoundland, and White Pyrenees) – 120 pounds of love!   Leo’s are meant to look like a lion; they were bred to be the mascot of the city of Leonberg (Germany) which translates to “Lion City”.  I found Lottie at a shelter when she was 6 months old – she’d had a tough start in life.  She was emaciated, tick-ridden, and had a mild case of Lyme’s Disease.  But we were meant to be together and she has been my best bud for the past 7 years.  Big Lots is a gentle giant who makes big feet and a double chin look stylish!  She loves to do “cannon-balls” into a creek, but don’t even think of getting her in a tub for a scrub down.  She’s magnificent when she runs at full speed – in a freight-train sort of way…pure strength.  She loves people and will let you know by swinging her sizeable south end into you to be petted.  Lottie will be my one and only dog – who could need more than this HUGE hairy bundle of unconditional love!"

Stay tuned for more!  And it does appear that there may be a couple extra dogs squeezing in!  I'll get back to you about the t-shirts!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! It's perfect! I'm so excited for Mary to see it! YEAH! -- Jeremy

Lottie n Me said...

Kat - I love how you captured Lottie: her big head, her serious even got her snoot and jowls right! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent for seeing the essence of our animals!

kat corrigan said...

Thanks Jeremy! I've been meaning to send the owners' their own little preview, but time seems to be jumping over me these days!
Hope to see you soon!