Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday July 29th, Hazel!

This is the biggest one yet, at 12x14!  Which seems HUGE after a bunch of 8x8, but not so big next to a 30x40...  but FUN!  And I will be continuing work on it tomorrow, as it was a challenge to get this far at the Red Hot Art Fest today!  Though very VERY fun! 
Hazel even came to visit and see the piece in progress, and she is a MUCH BIGGER dog than you'd expect as well!  A wonderful terrier mix, she looks a lot like what I think a Danish Griffin would look like....
stay tuned for the finished piece!


amylynntaylor said...

Lovely portrait! I love Hazel!!!

amylynntaylor said...

Hazel is lovely. I really like this one.