Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012! Gus AND Cody! Happy Birthday GUS!

Whew!  A two-for-one!  On an extremely full weekend!  Am I insane? Of COURSE!  Crazy for the love of PAINTING!


I've been thinking about getting a photo of Gus here to you for months.  Then your 30 dogs in 30 days came up and Gus will be a perfect candidate.  He will be 10 yrs old on July 28th!    He is absolutely the kindest, sweetest dog in the world and is my pride an joy.  We've had him since he was a wee puppy and now he's our 70 lb sweetheart.

This is Gus' brother (not by blood-just love).
His name is Cody and is a Rat Terrier/Besenji mutt.  He's very naughty yet we love him anyway.  He is super athletic and loves to bark unlike a full Besenji.  
We adopted him several years ago and since then we've discovered he can eat anything (and will) with no negative effects.

He has the most expressive ears.  In this picture they are saying, "did someone say treat?"


amylynntaylor said...

I think Gus is one of my favorites. He looks like a larger version of my Cotton (when Cotton is shaggy and cute!). Great job!

Barbara said...

These are great paintings, great job!