Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday July 21, Eli, Rock Star of

Eli just looks like such a sweet rascally scalawag, I couldn't resist painting him!  I mean, LOOK at that smile, and that great muppetty hair-do!  What is NOT to love!!!

"We are a canine rescue in Wilmington, NC, Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington, & we would love to submit our beautiful, funny Newfi/Chow mix, Eli, for your event.  He was a rescue from Pender Co AC in 2003, at age five, and he is now around fourteen years old.  Even though he is older and definitely slowing down now, he continues to bring a smile to everyone's face who meets him."

Thank you SO much for your continued support, comments, and advice!  This really is a community project~
I will have some of the dogs with me this weekend and next, at the Joan of Art Show today, and next weekend for Red Hot Art.  They mostly aren't for sale but you can certainly enjoy them!

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