Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday July 30, Sam!

This is Sammy Louise~
Another noble, beautiful, fuzzy face....

Sammy Louise died at 14 years young.
Here is a bit of her story:
I had just finished a MS 150 mile bike ride.  It was raining, I was vulnerable and emotional driving home from Oklahoma with a girlfriend. It had been a year since I had had a dog because my mother told me that my last one was the reason I was not married.  Don't you just love mothers. So I gave it a year.  My girlfriend and I stopped by the SPCA on our way home as we did quite often just to give the dogs a little love.  She was standing by this cage and wouldn't move. I finally got there and gasped. It was like a spark between Sammy and me. I found out she was female and that was about it. Let her out of the cage, put her in my lap as she curled up legs spread (showing full trust) and I fell in love.
I knew I was too emotional to get her right then so I went home to rest my legs, and watched tv for a couple of hours. The only programs on tv, I swear, were dog related. So I gave up, drove back to the SPCA and rescued her. She had heart worms, weighed about twenty pounds, had a bullet in her head and was seriously a scared mess.
Long story short, my full bred Llewellyn Setter was one of the wildest, most independent, bull headed, sweetest, sofa loving, love bugs I have ever had. Serious hunter...she used to stalk doodle bugs when a puppy all the way to bringing me possums in my house. The greatest form of flattery for a bird dog is for them to lay their kill at your feet so proudly. Although Possums "play possum" then wake up in my house. So needless to say she was a trip to live with for four years. I have chased her all over Texas. ...Literally.
I wouldn't have traded one moment of life with her... however I don't see another Llewellyn in my future. One was enough. Rest in Peace Sammy and run free.
I will always love you~

Wow~  that's a story-  I do want to know more about the bullet in her head though....  Amelie?  Will you comment?
And one more dog TOMORROW!  Oh, and I need to repost a few that I've worked on...
The show is being hung Wed night and the Opening Party is this Friday at Diamond's, from 6 to 8!

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painted fish studio said...

loved this story! rest in peace, sammy.