Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday July 2nd, LUCY!

Lucy's owner, Kelly, has this to say about her~
"I was able to pick out Lucy from the litter.  I had first pick.   I saw her when she was 3 ½  weeks old and fell in love with her.
She is a very funny puppy.  She loves people.  She thinks everyone should love her because she is so cute. 
 She loves going next door to Tim and Kris’s.  Tim feeds her strawberries and tomatoes out of the garden and he has not found anything she does not like. 
She likes to go watch Tim and myself play softball.  She watches the ball like she know how the game is played.
As a puppy she was very devilish.  I called her devil dog.  As you can see by her eyes.  She has become a good little girl!

Thank you Kelly!

I've included the 30 Dogs List here again for you!
1- Dakota-  Dee
2- Lucy-Lulu   for Kelly B
3- Riley-  Tracy Y
4- Seamus~ Megan L
5- Lulu- Carla & Karen
6- Tasha~ Mary S
7- Max- Shelly B
8- Lottie-  Mary
9- Junie-  Krista W0
10- KC & Shad-  John E
11- Rupert-  Mel
12- Emma-  Valerie R
13- Ollie-  Kathy J
14- Frodo- and Xena~ Jenna M
15- Maisy-  Lora O
16- Maya-  Kathy A
17- Hazel- Julia K
18- Gopher- Tini D
19- Bailey Boo- Vicky 
20-Nautas-  Kathy A
21- Eli Rock Star-  Linda
22- Tyler-  Moira
23- Lula-  Mary G
24- Jet- Tif D
25- Hannah-  Jenn S
26- Tess~ Angie K
27- Panger- Jodi W
28- Gus-  and Cody~Kelly Ht
29- Connie for Adam
30- Sammy- Amelie
31- Mysterious Guest....  or a day of rest~

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