Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, July 20, NAUTUS!

OOOh I really had fun with this one!  Nautus is an Australian Cattle Dog, I believe, and it appears that his owner is a heckuva photographer because I looked through a number of beautiful photos before choosing this one to paint!  In the photo, he actually has a birthday hat on...

And here is his little story~
"I originally got Nautas as a companion for Jack, his older brother.  Jack was the dominate dog in the house - having already been with me for 2 years.  He taught Nautas many things and Nautas quickly learned his place in the pack.  Playing ball meant Nautas would do the work of fetching only to give the ball to Jack, who would then carry it the last 10' and drop it at my feet.  This was the pattern all of their lives until Jack passed away unexpectedly.  Nautas mourned the loss of his brother Jack alongside me, helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  Emerging from this darkness, Nautas has come into his own.  Absolutely neurotic when a ball is nearby, he can play for hours by himself.  On the bed, he pushes the ball in tiny increments with his nose and catches it just before it falls off the edge.  He'll use his nose to roll the ball back and forth on the carpet to anyone willing to play with him, and he has many takers because it's so fun to watch him do it!  Nautas is a phenomenal dog - incredibly smart, intuitive, loving, loyal and patient."

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