Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday June 24th!

Kelly's Love Seat
Ellen's Chair 
Janet's Chair
Kat's Sullen Goat
These are from my homework assignment last week, to draw a chair!  I was delighted, first of all that people took me seriously and DID their homework, and what they discovered as they drew their sketches as well!
Ellen's version of Truffles
Karen's yellow-bellied bird
Sara's Yellowtails
Georgiana's Pup

Kelly's Sunglasses

And then we have the in-class assignment, which was to paint using one color per brushstroke.  This means you have to mix a slightly different color every time, even if what you are painting is similar in color~  I love it because it makes me really think about where I want to put my paint strokes, and I really look at the color as well.  This is another one of Carol Marine's hints!

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Thanks, Kat --

What an exciting challenge: one color per brush stroke. It's on my list!