Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday June 29th~

Hi folks!

Wow~  busy week!  I will be the featured artist at Articulture on Saturday July 14th where I will paint my dog for that day between 1 and 3pm!  AND here are two VERY LARGE paintings I made for the Susan Hensel Gallery Windows for the month of July~  Drive on past and see them!  they are so big I had to tape the paper down on the kitchen floor to paint them.  And that is SO much fun to paint much larger than you have in a while!  I highly suggest it.  As a matter of fact, I have a HUGE roll of brown paper and if you live nearby I would be happy to cut you a nice big piece of it!

And yes these look a little distorted.  That's because they are bigger than a couch and were painted on the floor.

Oh good lord!  I almost forgot!
HERE is the OFFICIAL LIST for the 30DOGS IN 30 DAYS!!!!!

and the e-mail I sent out to me general list, in case you aren't on it....

Wow, there are a LOT of incredible dogs out there, and owners as well!  This was the hardest year EVER deciding who to include!  I am creating a bit of a list of Alternates in case dogs drop out or (as is more likely) if I have a bit more time on one day or another and I feel like painting an "extra"~  those can be fun little surprises along the route!  I like that idea...  so I'm not even going to tell you who is on the Alternates List~  hee!

Now, if you are on this list and you didn't expect to be, or you are NOT on it and you are sure you had a conversation with me or I owed you a dog or something PLEASE contact me and let me know!  As hard as I try I am still not perfect, or psychic, and unfortunately and as hard as it is to believe, sometimes things just slip past me.  I know, I know,  I didn't mean to tarnish my own image...   with that said, I also reserve the right to change this list and move names and dates around as necessary so YES it is written in stone, but it is a rather soft stone and can be manipulated with effort.

Those of you on this list will be receiving more information about the process in the next day or so, and one thing I really want from you is a brief description or story about the dog I'll be painting that I can include on the post of that dog's day-  Yes people do still like to read-  just not too much...

This is my part of the deal-
I promise to paint at least one dog a day (sometimes more) and I promise to post it to my blog ( for you to see and comment on.  Any paintings that are not commissioned may be posted to my Daily Paint Works site for auction or will be available for sale at the final exhibition in August of all the dogs at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe.  I appreciate any and all comments on my blog (or emailed directly to me!) because I know that we do not grow well in a vacuum and that community is that beautiful thing that happens with groups of people communicating, however that takes shape!
Please feel free to forward this project to anyone you think may be interested!

Here is the list!  (I've not included last names for privacy)
30 Dogs in 30 Days July 2012

1- Dakota-  Dee
2- Lucy-Lulu   for Kelly B
3- Riley-  Tracy Y
4- Seamus~ Megan L
5- Lulu- Carla & Karen
6- Tasha~ Mary S
7- Max- Shelly B
8- Lottie-  Mary
9- Junie-  Krista W0
10- KC & Shad-  John E
11- Rupert-  Mel
12- Emma-  Valerie R
13- Ollie-  Kathy J
14- Frodo- and Xena~ Jenna M
15- Maisy-  Lora O
16- Maya-  Kathy A
17- Hazel- Julia K
18- Gopher- Tini D
19- Bailey Boo- Vicky 
20-Nautas-  Kathy A
21- Eli Rock Star-  Linda
22- Tyler-  Moira
23- Lula-  Mary G
24- Jet- Tif D
25- Hannah-  Jenn S
26- Tess~ Angie K
27- Panger- Jodi W
28- Gus-  and Cody~Kelly Ht
29- Connie for Adam
30- Sammy- Amelie
31- Mysterious Guest....  or a day of rest~

Thank you SO much for all your support!
And PLEASE let me know if you'd rather be off this list~
thank you!

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