Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I had incredibly positive reviews here at my current position, and one thing my principal asked me was when do I feel overwhelmed?  She and my supervisor were commenting on how calmly and smoothly I had integrated into a new work environment~  and I'll tell ya, it has been fantastic!  But TONIGHT I AM feeling overwhelmed!  I agreed to do a presentation for a colleague's multi-cultural club  of our trips to Hebden Bridge and various places in England and it is scheduled for tomorrow, and I am feeling a little unprepared~  though I am sure I will have more than enough material.  I just haven't had time to go over it all!  Ack~
And I have to also say that the painting class is FULL for June and I will be sending more info out to the participants by Friday, hopefully tomorrow afternoon!

And here are some of those goats I promised you!  There are more but I still haven't gotten good pics~
BUSY over here!  Hope you are well!

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