Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday April 22, 2012 Earth Day!

We walked down to Lake Hiawatha this morning, Max carrying an umbrella and rolling it along the ground until we gave him a stick instead so he could really push it into the dirt without worrying me that the brolly would break.  I don't know if you have a favorite umbrella, but this one was given to us as a wedding present by a beautiful, inspiring, wonderfully creative couple we know who also have a single child and I am rather fond of it.  It is red, with a clear handle with liquid and a small red heart floating about...
Since it was Earth Day and Duane and our neighbor Mark canoed around the lake yesterday snagging trash for a couple hours, I thought I'd pick up what I could along the shoreline while the boys goofed on the beach.  Straws, cigarette butts, and plastic water bottle caps were what I found the most.  My search had to be abandoned when Max in his rubber boots went out too far and tripped over a soggy log he was attempting to kick.  We removed the drenched pants and socks and dumped the lake out of his boots, then wrapped him in my scarf and his blankie and Duane's vest and headed home.
That has nothing to do with these paintings.
South Mpls April

Marshall Ave, Spring

I will be finishing "Marshall Ave" tomorrow night, hopefully, and intend to hang these at Crema on Tuesday morning.
Oh, and I had a two-award evening last Friday!  Mom went with me to the Northern Lights Juried Exhibition at Century College and I received an Award of Excellence (with a lovely cash prize!) for "Of COURSE I Love You" and at the WARM Juried Members Show I was given an Honorable Mention for "Park Ave, November"~
Of COURSE I Love You!

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