Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 13

 This is Apollo, and I believe I used all the colors on my pallet for this one~  Again I couldn't limit myself to just his face.  Some cats' body language speaks volumes....
Apollo's owner/landlord/caretaker has this to say about him...
"Apollo is an especially lovey dovey 16 year old who likes to take himself on walks, climbs over the fence and hangs out in the neighbor’s yard – and watches us –
He is really a house cat with yard privileges whose meow is rather a quack!"

Yup.  I do so love to paint~  thanks for humoring and supporting me!


Julia said...

Apollo is my cat/friend also! We just don't live together anymore...He has always been an intrepid explorer and hunter. As well as a cuddle monster who can say "cracker"!

Julia said...

Great job, Kat. It really captures his essence.