Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's DAY!1!!

Yippee, all you Irish out there!  THis here is Gypsy, and I imagine he's a true Irish gypsy laddie-O alrighty!  Just look at that smirk there on that sweet and innocent little face!  Who'd believe he's the one who knocked your tea-cup off the kitchen table just to get the milk from the bottom?

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Anita's Musings said...

dear Kat What an absolutely wonderful surprise to see your stunning painting of darling Gypsy!!!
I love love love it!!!

thanks..and will look forward to displaying it eventually
and me sitting here all decked out in green after having fun and drinking and drawing over at Merlins Pub with Josh after a fine curried cornbeefandcabbagedinner!! faith its been a fine saint Patricks day sure as it has and now to see gypsys painting just caps off a very fun and a very fine day sure as it does