Monday, March 12, 2012

March12, Monday, ALVIN!

Alvin's name of course brings to mind a certain rodent, well, maybe not to you...  could just be me, I guess...
This was another back-lit cat, but I do think I managed to bring him up a bit better than I did with Fergie, so yes I will be going back into Fergie again, and Luna too, until I am happy with them because until the owner has actual possession of the paintings, they are still MINE~   mwuah ha ha ha!  And believe me, right now there is a whole passel of cats, watching me from the studio shelves as I type this, and I continually gauge and measure them in my artist's eye as to whether I  still feel they are finished, or not....  though to relieve your minds I don't mess with them if I feel they are finished, and right now I don't have time to mess with them too much anyway!!!
...although now as I upload Alvin and look at him again, I believe I need to go in and take some of that raspberry out of his chin... and I wanted to check with Paula as to whether his eyes are indeed green, or more yellow, as that was difficult to make out from the photo~
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