Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, FERGIE!

Holy Moses this one was TOUGH!   Dang!  I really had a hard time with the shading and am still not sure I am completely pleased...  all my ego aside, here is what Fergie's owners have to say about her~

"She's gray with colorful spots.  We really like her white coloring on her neck.  Her fur is always soft and she loves to be petted.  She's eccentric and likes to nap.  She likes my oldest daughter best but tolerates the rest of us.  She really likes to smell feet.  She can be dumb because she will run into walls.  She likes to be by people, but rarely likes to cuddle, except when you are on the computer.  Then she wants to sit on your chest and you can't see what you are doing.  She has a set routine and will let you know if you aren't acting fast enough.  She's even been known to poke a person if they aren't acting fast enough."

 I've also been working on Luna some more, because I wasn't completely happy with her either...  I think the problem with both may be the lack of contrast and highlights.  And I am not sure what I can do about that...

Any opinions, oh my faithful readers?


Risa said...

I really like the orange and the way she's looking up!

kris said...

I think you hit the nail on the head noting lack of contrast. Because you are so playful and adept at color and stroke, my favorite of your paintings have a defined contrast that sculpts the shape from the background. Maybe exaggerating the contrast by painting in light as if there were a dramatic light source would give you the effect you're looking for? And an opportunity to pump up the highlights and shadows?
I respect and admire your ability to PAINT! You are incredible!!