Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday!!!! Feb 5~

Yay!  FINALLY actually got some painting done this weekend!  Though I also got a little obsessed with Franken-stuff too-  I'll be dropping some things over at Articulture next saturday, if you're interested-  mostly sweater skirts...   It IS so satisfying to go through those bins and pull some sweaters out and get cracking on them!  Thank you Pam Robinson for sending me that box!!!!
SO this is somewhat of a value study of the illustrious Bingo, in order to better be able to explain it to my patient class on Wednesday...
And you can BID on him at my Daily Paint works site!  Just click HERE!!! Starting at $25 bucks, baby!  What a DEAL!!!
Oh, and I hadn't really meant his man-parts to be so obvious...

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