Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK eve!

Missed Sunday again~  sorry 'bout that!  We had a full house yesterday with lovely artcar folks up from Texas to see the Art Shanties and hopefully have an art car parade on the ICE-  something that rarely happens in Texas, but unfortunately we couldn't drive on the ice either, so our guests satisfied themselves with firecracker-hats instead...  but DO get out to the Shanties while you can!  Only THREE more weekends!!!!!  Here's a link! Art Shanty Projects!   We'll be out there for sure on Feb 4 for the Art Cars On Ice parade and to have a Groundhog Cakewalk for our Anniversary!

ANYWAY, here is a little painting of Max and the penguins at the MN Zoo, of which we are members, which allows me to take many photos of my favorite animals...  I think there may be a "30 Otters in 30 Days" project coming up~  oh and get me your CAT PICS for March's "30 Cats in 30 Days"!!!!
And you can bid on "Who's Looking at Who?" HERE~ starting at $30!

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