Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Dec 7, 2011

Whoa!  I mistyped at first and put "2012"...  sure makes you think about how fast time DOES go by.  I still remember learning from Sr. Agnes I think in 4th grade how to put the proper heading on your paper, including date with your name, and writing "1975" and then in January, "1976" and how difficult that was to get used to, but that "1976" seemed to last a WHOLE heckuva lot longer that "2007" did, for me personally, I don't know about you~

so here are a couple more commissions.  And I just want to remind you to check out my Daily Paintworks auctions, because noone has bid on my last two and I can't figure out why and it is affecting my attitude.  They are both starting SUPER low priced, at $25 or $30, and would make great presents, and if you live near me I'll deliver them to you so you won't have to pay postage....

Sorry, just been a little under the weather and sleepy lately.  Things will look up in a week or two~
OH and DO come to something this weekend!  Mom and I will be at the Women's Art Festival all day saturday, 10-5, and I'll be at Diamond's with the Holiday Art Show for the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday from 11-1 and at HOBT for the "Dreams of Winter" Artist Reception from 4:30-6 after the 3pm show of "Winter Dreams" which is MY favorite HOBT production, as it features the wonderful groundhogs that were present at our wedding in 2008 at the Artshanty Projects on Medicine Lake on Groundhog's Day!

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