Monday, December 12, 2011

Sun/Mon... I give up~ either way, it's ART, right?

...and yes, i've been just a tad busy this weekend, so this is actually a painting I did in Door County this summer at the Peninsula School in Carol Marine's workshop...  seeing as I didn't bring many still life items, I ended up using these lovely vintage black boots I'd just gotten on-line.  I still want to paint a series of boots, maybe even all the boots I own.  Hmm.  Do I have enough for a month?  I just might...

And this one is also up for auction at Daily PaintWorks!  You can click HERE to bid!
Can you let me know what you think of this site?  It has been an experiment for the last couple months to post a painting there for the auctions, and I am happy that almost all have sold, but I'm not sure whether I should keep it up or not, as they aren't quite bringing in what I would have sold them for...  but it IS fun~
thanks for following!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kat, I'd recognize that boot anywhere! Keep painting --
I love your style.
Your Fish Creek friend,
Lin (from Michigan)