Thursday, November 24, 2011

WedOOPS Thanksgiving DAY!

Yes, I got a lot done last night, painted a couple groundhogs for our "Dreams of Winter" Show, as I felt the lacking of any rodents would be quite telling, and also they deserve representation as the ambassadors of our wedding...  and started on a larger piece for a commission.  I also spent last sunday early morning at the MOA (where I very rarely set foot, but the hours were perfect and the crowd- both canine and homosapiens-  were wonderful!)  as the entertainment/live artist for the Home For Life Dog Walk!  It was much more fun than I'd expected, and the couple whose dog is in this painting sought me out to purchase it from me, unfinished!  I got to paint quickly and large for two hours straight!  What a dream!  Got to do that more often-  let me know if you need an artist to come over and paint live at your event!
Oh and the groundhogs will be at the Heart of the Beast for the durtation of the Dreams of Winter Exhibition, and will be for sale!  If you LOVE them and want them, you can certainly let me know and I can mark them sold before they even go up!
Personally, I crack up when I see them...
What a silly animal~

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