Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wed Nov 2

It is "All Soul's Day" in the Catholic Tradition, and I am fortunate to have more than a few souls to think of whom I know thought kindly of me while they were alive, and I hope are still thinking kindly of me now...  as I think of them~

And speaking of souls, I don't think I have ever really doubted that animals have them.  We went to see Cavalia this past weekend, the Circe De Soleil Show with all horses, Duane and Max and me, and both Duane and I were amazed at how the sudden appearance of a group of herbivorous quadrupeds could bring us both to tears.  I mean, WOW~  I had tears streaming down my face for the good first half of the show.  Like those tears of awe that you get sometimes, when you are just struck thoughtless by a sight, or a sound.  I have to admit that I have these occurrences a lot more since Max came, possibly because of the disappearance of my testosterone which caused me to sell my motorcycle and stop stilting.  But these horses, they were so beautiful, it was amazing.  I found myself feeling so connected to the performers working with them, as if I were experiencing everything they were~  It was seriously incredible.
And Max was amazing-  huge grin on his face for pretty much the entire show, which was 2.5 hours, which is pretty crazy for a 2 and 7/12 year old...
We stuck around for the stable visit after where I was able to take some photos of these amazing creatures in their calmer state.  This is one of them~

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